Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Wedding photography

Most of you probably know, but when I can I like to shoot weddings for mostly friends and family. Well, recently I have decided to try and expand my clients and do a little marketing. Some of you may have seen my wedding blog already.

This weekend, I shot a wedding for one of Eli's teachers at daycare and wanted to share a slideshow here for my family to see.... If you know anyone looking for a wedding photographer, please go to my website at

Here is Nicole & Kenny's slideshow

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Look What I Did!

No much going on for us to post but I thought I would post something about Rhett:)

Rhett is my Mom's carousel horse. He lives at the Coolidge Park Carousel in Chattanooga. My Mom carved him several years ago. Last night, on HGTV, on a show called Look What I did! The carousel was featured with a story about the operator Bud Ellis. They interviewed my mom for the show but I guess she didn't make the edit. But, she said she saw Rhett in the background several times and also saw the beginning of a Rhinocerous she is carving for Chattanooga's next carousel.

The show will air again at 1:30 p.m. on Monday Feb. 12 if anyone wants to see it and if you are ever at the Collidge Park Carousel in Chattanooga, you should ride on Rhett:)

here are some pics from Christmas. This was Eli's first time on Rhett.

Eli with Grammie and PawPaw

All of us at the park

Eli and Josh at the Park