Friday, September 19, 2008

It's ABOUT time!!!

After nearly 3 years I have finally begun my own photography Web site... The blog has been working great but I needed my own page and needed to move away from the Flickr slideshows for my professional photos... Thanks to my awesome mother-in-law, we finally have her up ( not exactly running yet:) .

Feel free to view a preview and make a mental note to check itout every once in a while... I'll still have the blog, too.


Thanks again Becky!!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Family Time

A couple of weeks ago, Chuck, Amy, Trip and Quinn were on their way up from a week in Florida and stopped to stay with us a few days. I have linked to a slideshow of the boys at Jungle Jump that weekend. You may notice there are not may pics of Eli because he wanted very little to do with the inflatables... He warmed up at the end but really had more fun just running around with his cousins. After our weekend together the Scoggins clan were on their way to North Carolina to see Josh's parents for a week.... SO... they took Eli with them and we went up on Thursday night to see them for another day. Aunt Carol hosted a great dinner/ mini family reunion for us on Friday night and we all had such a nice time. Thanks Uncle Phil and Aunt Carol! and... Thanks Uncle Chuck and Aunt Amy for providing us all with some quality Scoggins time!

Here is my favorite pic and the slideshow

Rain, rain...Come again another day

Eli's "G" gave him an umbrella the last time she visited and he loves it... He is always carrying it around the house. One day, on the way home from school, it was pouring and Eli asked if he could use his umbrella. So when we got home I let him take it outside for a while... Of course by then it had stopped raining but... not really the point I guess! P.S. Blogger didn't want ot upload my photos so I had to make them really small.... If they look funny, that's why.