Monday, June 18, 2007

Rebecca & Derek Save the Date!

On Saturday I shot engagement portraits for Rebecca & Derek at Little Mulberry Park in Dacula.

I posted them on my weddings website but I know some people will look for them here!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Swim video

As I promised..... here are two videos of Josh and Eli at swim lessons

Forgive the camera action.... Josh and I don't even own a video camera.. My mom was nice enough to let us borrow hers... so I am not very good at it..

Friday, June 08, 2007

Swim lessons

So this week was Week 1 of 2 weeks of Eli's swim lessons at Bogan Park. I have really enjoyed it, although the water has been a little too cool for Eli's taste... He is very cautious and takes a while to get used to the water temperature.

We took some video of him on Thursday but haven't been able to load it yet so... I will post these pics. Stay tuned for video though later.....

Eli before the lesson starts

Mommy & Eli getting used to the water temp

Practicing kicking

Eli's favorite part is when we practice jumping into the water from this wall... You're supposed to count to 3 and have them jump so that teaches them not to jump into the water without an adult there.....supposedly:)

The main lesson this week has been to teach the babies to blow bubbles into the water instead of sucking in the water and drinking it.... you can see me blowing bubbles here.. Eli hasn't gotten this lesson down yet...

Here is playtime at the pool... Bogan Park has a great facility... it looks like so much fun for kids. There are so many water features, etc..

We have lessons next week too... I highly recommend them to anyone interested... If Eli gets nothing out of it at all, it is at least an hour of quality time for me and him... I love it!

Say Cheese!

My friend Amy posted a blog like this about her son Daniel and I thought it was really cute.

Eli has recently learned to say Cheese and make a funny face whenever he sees a camera so I thought I would post some of his recent cheesey smiles.