Monday, March 30, 2009

I can't believe I am doing this to myself...

I look at this picture and think, why on earth would anyone post this on a website for people to see??

Anyway, in order to preserve an accurate history, here I am at 25 weeks.

I have a social experiment for any pregnant women. Tell a stranger you are having twins and I would be willing to bet the next comment is something about your size.... It's a strange thing.

Everyone knows, when you are pregnant, there are the standard 3 or 4 questions you get from strangers (checkout people, colleagues that have never talked to you in the 10 years you have worked at the paper, etc. etc.) ... When are you due?, Do you know what you are having?, Have you picked out names?, etc etc etc..... I have found it very amusing that, when carrying twins, you get the second question, what are you having and when people find out you are having twins, they automatically give a judgment on how big/small you are... like, "You are so small for twins.. or "wow, I thought you looked big" and so forth. I find it funny because I NEVER got any comments on my size with Eli and I was huge but now perfect strangers feel it's okay.. I don't care, I just feel like a whale on the inside. I'm glad if I don't look like it:)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Warning!! SPOILER ALERT! Baby names enclosed...

Today I had a 24-week checkup and everything seems to be perfect!

(being pretty open here..) Every month I walk into that place and am so nervous and scared but as things progress I feel so blessed that God has chosen me to have these babies and is keeping them healthy. I'm sure most moms out there can agree that it is pretty unnerving since it's all so out of our control and feeling like we are relying on luck and prayers... but anyway, this post is to say my babies are great! I wanted to share several things. First are our recent pictures: The girls are so big now!!

The picture above is the baby on the left (as they call her at the doctor). Both babies have switched around their heads and feet but mostly had stayed where we can identify them separately.
Though most of the family knows already, her name is Annabel.

This is my "wild" child since everytime we are at the ultrasound she is jumping all over the place and she makes my belly move like jello most nights.
Her name is Harper.

The next thing I want to share is a video Josh took at the ultrasound today.. it's kinda boring and long because the girls weren't moving very much but mostly I wanted to share our experience. There are two ultrasound technicians at my doctors and I love them both! When I walk in ready to throw up from anxiety both of these women put my heart at ease immediately. Today we had Mary, who is so good at her job I can't imagine there is a better one out there! I love her energy and she make my eyes tear up everytime with her positive attitude and reassuring comments.

Lastly, I didn't leave out middle names on purpose:) We aren't keeping them secret or anything, it's just... Josh and I don't know them yet:) We have decided to let our siblings and their spouses pick out the middle names for the girls... so we may not know until they arrive! Suspenseful, huh???

New wedding stuff

I usually just put this on my wedding blog but I wanted to share this wedding with everyone. This is my last wedding until after the babies are born and it couldn't have been a better send off! Jennifer and Jeremy were the sweetest, most easy-going and wonderful couple to work with. Their wedding party and families were equally awesome! I had such a great time that it reminded me why I do this and how excited I am to get back to it in August! I still have lots of engagements and families coming up though so stay tuned to the blog!

Being pregnant I also hired a helper with this wedding so I give credit to some of the pics to photojournalist Jonathan Phillips .

Jennifer Miller & Jeremy Woods
March 7, 2009
Lilburn, Georgia