Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa Claus is ALL OVER town!!

Let me begin by saying that last year Eli and Santa were not a good combination... we tried several times didn't want to have anything to do with him.... but this year, since we have seen him everywhere, Eli is warming up....

First we saw him in downtown Buford at the Christmas tree lighting...

Eli needed Daddy to help him this time..

Then, we saw him again at Chateau Elan...

And THEN Santa visited the kids at Eli's school.....

Overall, he did a great job and I was very proud of him.... I think next year will be a home run!!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Two wonderful Years!

I'm late but here is a post about Eli's 2nd birthday party. Like I said before, his actual birthday was on Thanksgiving Day and believe it or not, I didn't take one picture....

Somtimes I just want to relax and enjoy it... Anyway, we spent Thanksgiving in Chattanooga with my family and had a great time.

On Saturday, we invited family here for a party at our house with Eli. He was adequately spoiled and has truly enjoyed each one of his presents. Here are some pics

Monday, November 12, 2007

Getting bigger

On Thanksgiving Day, my baby will be 2 years old!

I decided to follow the advice of everyone and take his pictures myself this year. . Really, can you imagine a 2-year old in a photo studio.... plus, don't get me started on the quality of local studios.... it's ridiculous.

Anyway, Eli obviously lights up every room he is in. I am more proud every day of him. I love the pictures because I feel like they really show his personality:)

P.S. Thanks Corinne and Christy... you were great toddler handlers:)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Some business to take care of

So, since this is the blog that most of my friends and family visit first, I always like to post my weddings here in addition to my wedding website.

In October, I shot Kelly Anderson's wedding to Rick LaBarbera. It was truly a great experience.

The venue was beautiful in downtown Atlanta. The wedding was held at what most people known as The Abbey, a former restaraunt which is now a church and special events facility.

I decided to hire one of the paper's intern Jenna Findlan to help me and she was awesome!! With her, I had more than 1500 photos to edit through.... which is why I am just now getting done . Kelly & Rick also have a 2-month old daughter Averie, so I got some different portraits of her too!!

The entire night was such a great party! I've never seen so many people on the dance floor.

here is their slideshow

Speaking of work, I am trying to start a portfolio of family portrait sessions to add to my services and am offering a special for some outdoor family portraits for Christmas or just to have. If anyone is interested , email me at

Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween party

This weekend we traveled to Chattanooga for my brother & sister-in-law's annual Halloween party. I'll post pics from trick-or-treating later this week but here are a few from the party.

Biker Eli Puckett

Here's the fam... I lovevd my costume.. I even had battery powered Christmas lights ... For any Michael J. Fox fans... Josh went as Marty McFly... I thought it looked awesome

here are the rest of the pics:

Visiting St. Louis

We had so much fun in Saint Louis last weekend...
I am working so hard to keep up with all our fall adventures... and with Halloween this week, I'm updating as fast as possible.

The weekend was really relaxed... we spent most of the time letting the boys play together... at Grant's Farm, at the church playground, in the backyard and at the park... It was perfect.

here is the slideshow....

Monday, October 15, 2007

First Annual Blue Ridge Bash

So... two weeks ago my friend Lauriann, who lives in Arizona, hosted the first, of what will be annual, weekend getaway for her friends.. Lauriann's parents live in Blue Ridge georgia and have recently built a cabin on their property , which is awesome and available for rental....

So 10 adults and 8 kids took over the cabin for the weekend and it was so crazy!!! But it was also alot of fun and I will look forward to the next one over the next year.

So...I really didn't take many photos and after looking at them I realized all I took was pictures of the kids.... Which are always my favorite subjects anyway:) here they are

This time of Year

I absolutely LOVE this time of year!!!! It is my favorite... So we have been crazy busy and I have been crazy about taking pictures.... The first weekend in this month, we spent the weekend in North Georgia with some of my college friends... then we got to spend Sunday with the Scoggins, who happened to be in Elijay that day too:) Here are the pics of our day at the pumpkin patch

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Special Message

Eli has something to say:

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

First of Three

So we have been very busy for the last three weeks and will be for the next month.. but it is all very fun stuff so I am not going to complain:) But it has put me a little behind in my blogging so I am catching up today!

Last weekend Josh and I decided to find out about replacing the old shrubs we pulled up last spring in front of our house... We were told now is the time to plant although the new water ban may mean otherwise.... Anyway.. we are not landscapers but I was really happy with the results and with the great deal we got:) (we only spent like $60 ... Eric at Northside Gardens was very helpful) The plants look a little small now but in a couple of years they should fill out and if you could see what was there could really see the improvement

Our little helper

Josh planting our new Indian Hawthorne bushes

I also got some new ivy for my hanging pots...

Second of three

Last weekend we went on an awesome trip to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge with my family. My mom and dad graciously rented us a cabin to enjoy. Although it was short it was really a relaxing and fun weekend. It wasn't as cool as I would like but the weather was still nice. There are lots of pictures so here is the link to them all:)

Last of three

So... MANY weeks ago we went to the fair! Eli freaked out when we tried to get him to ride anything so we ended up just looking at the animals and eating of course... We actually didn't stay very long but these are the few pictures I got.

Monday, September 24, 2007


I finished Rebecca & Derek's slideshow which is posted on my wedding website so if you know anyone who is is need of a portrait or wedding photographer, please refer them to this page but for those who want to see Rebecca's wedding pics....

here it is:
Rebecca & Derek

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Great weekend

We had a great holiday weekend just spending time here in Gwinnett at home and with friends. I also found more motivation for pictures so now I have alot to share from the weekend.

On Saturday, we went to the Yellow River Game Ranch, which as a 30-year-old I still think is one of the coolest places ever.... I can't get over all the animals and their tame natures.... having deer just follow us around and having squirrels eat out of my hand was so awesome.... and Eli liked it too:) He actually, got frightened by an agressive duck that kinda snapped a cracker out of his hand so it took him a while to get over that but he enjoyed looking at everything, anyway.... Here are the pics

Then on Sunday evening we went to the playground with our friends the Hammocks and Eli got to play with Bryn and Dylan... here are the pics

Sunday, September 02, 2007

For Lauriann, Amy, Christen and Anne Marie

I've been meaning to post these pictures of my friends and I at Molly's wedding but it has taken me forever.. so here they are.... sorry!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Common Threads

I wanted to use my blog as an advertiser real quick:) Lots of you know my Mom does alot of embroidery work and I have just recently talked her into trying to make a little money out of it. Well, I started her a blog called Common Threads and this weekend she will have a booth at the Boutique Armoire consignment sale in Norcross..

If you aren't familar with Boutique Armoire, it's a semi-annual consignment sale that provides UPSCALE slightly used children's clothing. In addition to the clothes my mom will have a booth there with some of her handmade embroidered towels, baby blankets, etc. You can see some of her work on her website... but it is just a small amount... It is still a work in progress.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New video

Actually, this video is about a month old but I haven't posted any yet from the new awesome Flip camera that my mother-in-law gave us so I thought I would start with Eli practicing his animal sounds....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My wonderful Hubby!

So... for those who don't know, we live in charming:) little 1930s house and there are alot of things we would like to do to it... BUT most require a major investment so we are happy to find little relatively inexpensive ways to update our house.

So, for Mother's Day , Josh said my present was a new closet organizing system which we have been trying to decide on for about a year:) Anyway, Josh spent this weekend and week finishing my closet and I love it. He thinks he isn't very handy but I beg to differ... he did a great job and it makes all my clothes seem alot nicer somehow:)

I didn't think to take a before picture at first so here is Josh's side, which is basically what mine looked like before

And here is my side now:) We will eventually be changing Josh's side too:)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Our family vacation

This year we were blessed to get to go on vacation with all of Josh's family for a week to Santa Rosa Beach (near Destin). Now, a week later, I am so missing the beach and the relaxation and most of all my awesome nephews:) I really enjoyed every second I got to spend with Trip and Quinn (and Amy, Chuck, Gram and Grandpap:)and so did Eli.

Can't wait to see the Scoggins soon in St. Louis!

Here is a slideshow of the week!

Molly & Stephen

I finally have finished the slideshow for my friend Molly Wade's marriage to Stephen Hyman in Louisville on June 29th. It was such a fun weekend for Josh and I to get to spend time with all my closest friends. Since Molly is such an awesome friend I only shot her portraits and ceremony and someone else shot her reception so that I could enjoy it... and I certainly did:)

I'll post the friends pictures later, but for now here is Molly and Stephen's slideshow. Molly was such a calm and organized bride and she literally just glowed all day long. The day had such a romantic and vintage feel from her dress to the Cadillac they drove away in... it was a photographer's dream:) Molly's wedding was on Friday and on Saturday the bride & groom threw an awesome picnic at a local park, so there are a few pics at the end of the barbecue.


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Starting with Daniel

We have had a very busy two weeks and I have so many photos to post, I am a bit overwhelmed. So Stay tuned for vacation photos, vacation videos, and pictures from my most recent wedding.. who happens to be one of my best friends Molly!!

I am starting here with some pictures I took of my best friend Amy's little boy Daniel who has the bluest eyes I have ever seen on a child:)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Rebecca & Derek Save the Date!

On Saturday I shot engagement portraits for Rebecca & Derek at Little Mulberry Park in Dacula.

I posted them on my weddings website but I know some people will look for them here!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Swim video

As I promised..... here are two videos of Josh and Eli at swim lessons

Forgive the camera action.... Josh and I don't even own a video camera.. My mom was nice enough to let us borrow hers... so I am not very good at it..

Friday, June 08, 2007

Swim lessons

So this week was Week 1 of 2 weeks of Eli's swim lessons at Bogan Park. I have really enjoyed it, although the water has been a little too cool for Eli's taste... He is very cautious and takes a while to get used to the water temperature.

We took some video of him on Thursday but haven't been able to load it yet so... I will post these pics. Stay tuned for video though later.....

Eli before the lesson starts

Mommy & Eli getting used to the water temp

Practicing kicking

Eli's favorite part is when we practice jumping into the water from this wall... You're supposed to count to 3 and have them jump so that teaches them not to jump into the water without an adult there.....supposedly:)

The main lesson this week has been to teach the babies to blow bubbles into the water instead of sucking in the water and drinking it.... you can see me blowing bubbles here.. Eli hasn't gotten this lesson down yet...

Here is playtime at the pool... Bogan Park has a great facility... it looks like so much fun for kids. There are so many water features, etc..

We have lessons next week too... I highly recommend them to anyone interested... If Eli gets nothing out of it at all, it is at least an hour of quality time for me and him... I love it!

Say Cheese!

My friend Amy posted a blog like this about her son Daniel and I thought it was really cute.

Eli has recently learned to say Cheese and make a funny face whenever he sees a camera so I thought I would post some of his recent cheesey smiles.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Many, Many thanks

Thanks for all the helpful advice.

I really like the idea of toaster or waffle sticks for breakfast... during the week I have to have something I can just give him and leave to get ready... and he has been using a spoon for a couple of months at dinner and last night he seems to really be doing pretty well..

and I am so glad to know other people have the same issues with those bath toys. I think I will just find some other toys. We have one cup in the tub for me to help wash his hair but last night I took MK's advice and gave him 2 more cups and he was fascinated the whole time with pouring water in and out of them... over and over so much he was actually still for me to wash him... it was great... we'll see how long it lasts..

Thanks again

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A small cry for help!

As a first -time Mom I am always encountering things I just don't know the answer to.... I usually just wait until I see my sister-in-law Amy and ask her but since these few questions have been driving me crazy... I thought I would use this blog to get advice from all Moms:)

1. How do you feed an 18-month old soup!!! Eli loves alot of soups and things like it, ex.. grits, oatmels, etc.... but how can he eat them himself? I don't mind feeding him myself but does that inhibit his self-feeding learning?

2. What can he eat for breakfast? Right now we do fruit, yogurt and cereal bars... of course with the yogurt I have the same problem as question #1. I just feel like the kid needs a little variety... I don't think the kid can look at another cereal bar again... BTW: Eli CANNOT have bananas... or really anything with bananas in it.... Any suggestions? Especially things I don't have to feed him myself.

3. Does anyone else have bath toys that retain water inside to that you can squirt them? If so, how do we keep these things clean inside? I have tried to squirt all the water out after every bath but it seems impossible and if you don't the next time you use them, they gave this nasty black mildew junk that comes out of them... In this area, how do I keep the kid still so that I can actually wash him during bath....

Any help would be awesome!!!

I have discovered one thing that I think is a great invention for Moms:) So I will share in exchange for any advice! Eli LOVES books.. that's all he ever wants to do and I found what they call a book rack on Ebay. I saw one in Pottery Barn kids but it was like $300, so I went searching and found one, a little smaller but much cheaper at $70 from Ebay that comes put together and plain so you can paint or stain it yourself..

Anyway, the point it, this is so perfect for Eli because he loves to pickout books himself so now he can look at all his books together and choose one without dumping the rest of them out, like on a bookshelf... and he can put them back so easily too.... It's so awesome, I wish I had two!

Here's a pic if it doesn't make sense.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fish, Fish, Fish

This Mother's day, we went to the Chattanooga Aquarium and had a great time. Eli was very intrigued... especially with the otters and butterfly garden... which he calls "Bys"

We missed seeing Gram for Mother's Day, but thought about her all day:)

Here are some aquarium pics:

The seahorses were probably my favorite:)