Monday, July 16, 2007

Molly & Stephen

I finally have finished the slideshow for my friend Molly Wade's marriage to Stephen Hyman in Louisville on June 29th. It was such a fun weekend for Josh and I to get to spend time with all my closest friends. Since Molly is such an awesome friend I only shot her portraits and ceremony and someone else shot her reception so that I could enjoy it... and I certainly did:)

I'll post the friends pictures later, but for now here is Molly and Stephen's slideshow. Molly was such a calm and organized bride and she literally just glowed all day long. The day had such a romantic and vintage feel from her dress to the Cadillac they drove away in... it was a photographer's dream:) Molly's wedding was on Friday and on Saturday the bride & groom threw an awesome picnic at a local park, so there are a few pics at the end of the barbecue.



amy said...

the pictures are great. what a beautiful bride!! her dress is gorgeous! great job at capturing the details of the day!

Ginger said...

Nikki - you are so freakin' talented! :) These are great and the wedding looks like it was beautiful!!