Monday, January 26, 2009

The boys have been outnumbered!

Today was our 16 week ultrasound and I can't promise I won't post ones every single time, so get used to it!!

Most importantly the babies are healthy, both growing at the same rate and looking good!
Secondly, they are both little girls:)

I never had a sister growing up (although I have two awesome ones now) so I am really excited to see real sisterhood in action!

Baby A was pretty mellow.. she looked like she was trying to sleep the whole time but finally at the end she started pushing her sister with her feet so she could stretch out!

Baby B, on the other hand, the technician kept calling a wild child because she was all stretched out, taking up all the room and moving around all over the place. Josh said that sounded more like the Finley and Puckett women to him!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Try this and let me know....

So.. I love trying out old wives' tales. I think it's fun and I had heard about this one when I was pregnant with Eli but figured it was just silly..

Today, on morning radio I was reminded of the needle on a string baby gender test and normally ignore those things but since I am having an ultrasound on Monday, I thought why not???

Apparently this can work on any woman... even if you are not pregnant so anybody who wants to try.. let me know the outcome. Allegedly, any woman can have somebody else hold a needle(or ring) on a string just above your wrist pulse point and it will document ALL your pregnancies. For example, if you have a boy and a girl in that order, the needle will swing back and forth.... stop...... then swing in a circle. No kids and the needle won't swing at all..

I know it's kinda silly but when I got to work today I found a needle and string and tried it.. It's kinda cool because first it swung back and forth, then stopped still (seriously), started again in a circle, stopped, and swung back and forth.... Which would indicate Eli, a girl and a boy....:) maybe we will find out next week:)

I tried it on a couple other women here at work and it worked with all of them accurately... It's a fun experiment anyway:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Scarlett needs a few prayers

I wanted to post a note to ask everyone who reads my blog to include baby Scarlett Mann in their prayers....

Scarlett's mom Shelley worked with me at the paper before moving to Columbus last year. Scarlett was born right before Christmas and is currently in the ICU of the hospital unable to breathe well. After her third hospital stay, they now think she has pnuemonia but for a month old baby, I know she needs some extra strength and so do her mom and dad. So be thinking of them.

If you want to see Scarlett, her mom's blog is on the right under "The Manns."


I mean......seriously???

So, let me begin this rant by saying this: I know pregnancy is a wonderful and beautiful experience. It is pure joy to bring a child into this world and I really enjoyed being pregnant with Eli!

That being said, when I woke up this morning and looked in the mirror, I thought to myself (repeat blog title here)...

On top of nausea, shooting leg pain, headaches, exhaustion, stretch marks, weight gain and the myriad of my other pregnancy related issues now I have been blessed with........ acne? Really? Is there no end to what else I get to experience?

But, some people have asked so here is the first picture of pregnant me at almost 4 months (pre acne)..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hope you have a great day!!

We love you very much Christy!

This was about the 18th attempt so... it's the best I could get this morning..