Friday, January 23, 2009

Try this and let me know....

So.. I love trying out old wives' tales. I think it's fun and I had heard about this one when I was pregnant with Eli but figured it was just silly..

Today, on morning radio I was reminded of the needle on a string baby gender test and normally ignore those things but since I am having an ultrasound on Monday, I thought why not???

Apparently this can work on any woman... even if you are not pregnant so anybody who wants to try.. let me know the outcome. Allegedly, any woman can have somebody else hold a needle(or ring) on a string just above your wrist pulse point and it will document ALL your pregnancies. For example, if you have a boy and a girl in that order, the needle will swing back and forth.... stop...... then swing in a circle. No kids and the needle won't swing at all..

I know it's kinda silly but when I got to work today I found a needle and string and tried it.. It's kinda cool because first it swung back and forth, then stopped still (seriously), started again in a circle, stopped, and swung back and forth.... Which would indicate Eli, a girl and a boy....:) maybe we will find out next week:)

I tried it on a couple other women here at work and it worked with all of them accurately... It's a fun experiment anyway:)


Cindy said...

My dad tried this on me when I was pregnant with Ansley and it was right. He swears by it and says it worked on all the women in his office.

Gram said...

That's funny that you thought of that. I haven't tried that since before the age of ultrasounds. I never knew that it should work even if you weren't pregnant. That must be why I thought Amy was a boy because I didn't wait for the second sign :) You know what this means, if they are a boy and girl then I will be right and I'm never right.