Wednesday, May 26, 2010


... not for good though.
I am moving my family blog to my photography blog. For simplicity reasons and to get more traffic looking a my work...

So, to find out what's going on with us, visit

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Five-year aniversary

This year marked the end of five years spent being pregnant and/or having babies so, thanks to my great in-laws, who babysat all weekend, Josh and I got to spend three days in Charleston.

It was awesome... the weather was great, the food was good and we enjoyed every aspect of it. thanks again, G and Grandpap.

This was our place, called the King George Inn, and it was perfect. I highly recommend it to anyone.

We ate here Friday night for dinner. There was a live jazz band, great wine and not a highchair in sight!

Saturday we went for a carriage ride.. here is our driver Rebel and horse, Brock

Some shots from Saturday night dinner

On Sunday we returned to the scene of the crime and took a walk down to the battery, where Josh proposed to me.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New pictures

It's been a while I know and it seems the Shutterfly video slideshow doesn't exactly work well so I am back to posting the old-fashioned way...

I'd like to say I have a ton of pictures to post but, the truth is, I don't... I have been so busy with weddings/engagements, etc. that this is really the only weekend time I have spent with my kids lately :( But, things are starting to slow down and with the holidays I hope to have more and more posts...
Here is a few shots of our latest pumpkin patch adventure.

Monday, October 05, 2009

Pictures from Nikki

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Three months

Here is an attempt at the girls' three-month photos. They aren't great and there aren't many of them. I originally thought I would try to do them again but of course never got around to it... Oh well:) Stay tuned for more photos from vacation:)

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's already been two months!

The girls will be eight week sold this Friday and I know I am behind on the posts. Turns out I don't have as much time on my hands these days... crazy, huh? Everyone is great.. the girls are growing like crazy and gaining weight. We are looking forward to the days when they go longer than three hours between meals but they haven't slowed down yet....

Everyone wants to know how I do it and it turns out there is only one necessity you need with twins..... grandmothers!! My mom and Josh's mom have been with us every week since the girls have been born and I feel so lucky! Eli goes to school 2 days a week also so there are days when it is just us and the girls. Annabel and Harper are staying awake more these days so it is becoming a bit of a challenge to keep them entertained but most of our days are still spent feeding and keeping Eli from going crazy.

This picture is for Aunt Christy who bought these cute dresses for the girls!

The girls are just now beginning to learn how smile socially and this morning I happened to catch a few little ones on camera... of course the ones beore I got the camera out were better but you know how that goes. I'll let everyone guess which one is which

Saturday, June 27, 2009

The new Puckett family

This is very late but.... the girls are here!!! They are a week-old now and doing great! Most everyone know the details but...

Annabel June Puckett
born June 19, 2009
6 lbs. 6 oz.s
20 inches

Harper Naomi Puckett
born June 19, 2009
6 lbs. 5 ozs.
19.5 inches

Everyone is doing great! I have spent nine months with alot of worrying but now that they are here and healthy all I can feel is blessed for my beautiful family and for the support of friends and family. Thank you to everyone for nine months of love.