Friday, April 24, 2009

29 weeks!

This is what I look like now at 29 weeks... I figure I must be alot bigger than I was with Eli because this shirt is the one I wore to the hospital when Eli was born and it wasn't near this tight!!

I did have a doctor's appointment this week with an ultrasound. No pictures this time though.. The girls are so big, it's really even hard to tell what's even on the screen.. I couldn't tell at least. they are right at 3 lbs each and doing really great.

I also had my glucose screening test which came back elevated so now I have to take the 3-hour test so be thinking of me next week and pray this one goes well:)

Friday, April 10, 2009

If you are reading this, thanks Molly!

This post is only like a year overdue but, every now and then, I like to say something about my life that has nothing to do with the twins or Eli. It's like a nice reminder to me that I have my own life too... Crazy, huh??

Warning: kinda a long story but relevant:)

Couple of years ago my friend Molly got married in Louisville and Josh and I along with my best friends spent the weekend there. Being big music fans themselves, Molly & Stephen hired a bluegrass band for their post-reception reception and I was introduced to "Wagon Wheel." It's a simple song but, for some reason (those who love music know what I'm talking about) I fell in love with it.... It has since become maybe my favorite song of all time. I don't know why, it just reminds me of that weekend, and of my childhood, etc...

Anyway, to progress on a long story. My first thought was "If I love this song so much, that I have never heard in 29 years... how many more songs are there out there that I didn't even know I loved?"

I work in a close-knit office with many different personalities so I decided to start a CD Club here at work in hopes of being introduced to different types of songs, bands, etc. Last June we started with like 13 people, who made a CD of their top 20 favorite songs and then exchanged CDs each week until everyone had heard everyone's CD. After that, people made a top 20 CD with its own theme (Soundtracks, songs you had never heard, top 20 songs from Canadian artists?). We are now on Round 3, which my friend Corinne has graciously taken over since I have found myself preoccupied with life:) But, after a year, I am still enjoying it..

This morning I was listening to my CD for this week and found a new song that I love. I have learned alot... like, for example, I love Bob Dylan!! I didn't even know it until I experienced several different songs of his in this club.. I also learned that I can't turn off a Michael Jackson song if it comes on.. Man in the Mirror is a great song!! Thanks to Corinne's 2nd round CD, I remembered that 1994 was an awesome year in music!

So, in the end, it's been a great year and I am lucky to have co-workers that get excited about silly clubs that a grown woman can think up! I suggest it to any music fans.. or you could do it with movies.. Either way, it's a fun diversion every week.

So, for those interested, here is a link to the you tube video for "Wagon Wheel" by Old Crow Medicine Show... who just happens to be playing at the Fox tonight! Just so you know- video is not child-appropriate!!

Wagon Wheel