Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween party

This weekend we traveled to Chattanooga for my brother & sister-in-law's annual Halloween party. I'll post pics from trick-or-treating later this week but here are a few from the party.

Biker Eli Puckett

Here's the fam... I lovevd my costume.. I even had battery powered Christmas lights ... For any Michael J. Fox fans... Josh went as Marty McFly... I thought it looked awesome

here are the rest of the pics:

Visiting St. Louis

We had so much fun in Saint Louis last weekend...
I am working so hard to keep up with all our fall adventures... and with Halloween this week, I'm updating as fast as possible.

The weekend was really relaxed... we spent most of the time letting the boys play together... at Grant's Farm, at the church playground, in the backyard and at the park... It was perfect.

here is the slideshow....

Monday, October 15, 2007

First Annual Blue Ridge Bash

So... two weeks ago my friend Lauriann, who lives in Arizona, hosted the first, of what will be annual, weekend getaway for her friends.. Lauriann's parents live in Blue Ridge georgia and have recently built a cabin on their property , which is awesome and available for rental....

So 10 adults and 8 kids took over the cabin for the weekend and it was so crazy!!! But it was also alot of fun and I will look forward to the next one over the next year.

So...I really didn't take many photos and after looking at them I realized all I took was pictures of the kids.... Which are always my favorite subjects anyway:) here they are

This time of Year

I absolutely LOVE this time of year!!!! It is my favorite... So we have been crazy busy and I have been crazy about taking pictures.... The first weekend in this month, we spent the weekend in North Georgia with some of my college friends... then we got to spend Sunday with the Scoggins, who happened to be in Elijay that day too:) Here are the pics of our day at the pumpkin patch

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Special Message

Eli has something to say:

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

First of Three

So we have been very busy for the last three weeks and will be for the next month.. but it is all very fun stuff so I am not going to complain:) But it has put me a little behind in my blogging so I am catching up today!

Last weekend Josh and I decided to find out about replacing the old shrubs we pulled up last spring in front of our house... We were told now is the time to plant although the new water ban may mean otherwise.... Anyway.. we are not landscapers but I was really happy with the results and with the great deal we got:) (we only spent like $60 ... Eric at Northside Gardens was very helpful) The plants look a little small now but in a couple of years they should fill out and if you could see what was there could really see the improvement

Our little helper

Josh planting our new Indian Hawthorne bushes

I also got some new ivy for my hanging pots...

Second of three

Last weekend we went on an awesome trip to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge with my family. My mom and dad graciously rented us a cabin to enjoy. Although it was short it was really a relaxing and fun weekend. It wasn't as cool as I would like but the weather was still nice. There are lots of pictures so here is the link to them all:)

Last of three

So... MANY weeks ago we went to the fair! Eli freaked out when we tried to get him to ride anything so we ended up just looking at the animals and eating of course... We actually didn't stay very long but these are the few pictures I got.