Tuesday, October 02, 2007

First of Three

So we have been very busy for the last three weeks and will be for the next month.. but it is all very fun stuff so I am not going to complain:) But it has put me a little behind in my blogging so I am catching up today!

Last weekend Josh and I decided to find out about replacing the old shrubs we pulled up last spring in front of our house... We were told now is the time to plant although the new water ban may mean otherwise.... Anyway.. we are not landscapers but I was really happy with the results and with the great deal we got:) (we only spent like $60 ... Eric at Northside Gardens was very helpful) The plants look a little small now but in a couple of years they should fill out and if you could see what was there before....you could really see the improvement

Our little helper

Josh planting our new Indian Hawthorne bushes

I also got some new ivy for my hanging pots...


Mia said...

I wish you and your shrubs the best of luck. I hate landscaping work, but you guys did a very nice job!

amy said...

the shrubs look great! hope yours grow better than our azaleas that we planted years ago. they don't look any bigger than when we put them in.

did you get eli's hair highlighted???? the pic of him looking over the rail looks like he's been in the highlighting chair! :0)

The Bryant's said...

I'm SO glad for fall. Your shrubs will do fine--ignore the water ban. Eli is so big. Maybe we will see you guys at Christy and Burt's for Halloween!