Monday, February 25, 2008

Is his last name Manning?

Eli is a sports fan... baseball, football, soccer, golf... he loves them all. We've been playing with all his equipment for the last year and for some reason last week, he created this unusual windup when he throws the ball...

It cracks me up, so I taped it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Very Solemn Post

Several years ago, the Daily Post ran a health story about parents of kids with lukemia... I remember because I chose a quote from one of the mom's in the story for the headline, because I really thought it summed up the entire story......

"Kids shouldn't have Cancer..."

Today, a little girl in Iowa, named Shaelynn Sue Kelly died from a brain tumor. She was 1 month older than Eli. I didn't know Shaelyn or her parents... I actually just found her story when she was diagnosed about a year ago, on a blog of a blog of a blog, etc... I've been following her story every week and am very sad today for her family... and amazed at their faith and strength...

This post isn't meant to depress anyone, but just a small form of therapy for me in hopes that my prayers, or any of yours, can help the Kelleys in the next few months....

Monday, February 18, 2008

The Next Iron Chef

So, I mentioned Eli's new interest in helping in the kitchen... I pretty happy with it because it is the only thing that can occupy his time long enough for me to cook dinner(with the exception of Dora, Curious George or Little Einsteins..which I use quite enough)... and for those who know Eli well, he does not entertain himself... and that drives me crazy before Josh gets home and I am trying to cook dinner.

Anyway, this is a short video the day I discovered his interest.... I'm amazed at what a bowl, spoon and some egg noodles can do for a mom's sanity:)

Happy Late Valentine's Day

We have a late post... as usual. I always have such great intentions of posting these things on the right day but, oh well... I wanted to show the cookies Eli made with Mammie (my mom) the weekend before Valentine's day. He loves helping me cook. It's amazing because it's about the only thing I have found lately that can hold his attention fro longer than about 10 minutes...

Here is the valentine we sent out to family:)

Here is the slideshow of the rest of the pics