Monday, February 18, 2008

The Next Iron Chef

So, I mentioned Eli's new interest in helping in the kitchen... I pretty happy with it because it is the only thing that can occupy his time long enough for me to cook dinner(with the exception of Dora, Curious George or Little Einsteins..which I use quite enough)... and for those who know Eli well, he does not entertain himself... and that drives me crazy before Josh gets home and I am trying to cook dinner.

Anyway, this is a short video the day I discovered his interest.... I'm amazed at what a bowl, spoon and some egg noodles can do for a mom's sanity:)


amy said...

that is too cute! what a great idea to set him up with a couple of kitchen items & noodles! trip wants to help me from time to time, but there usually isn't much prep work for him to do. tonight i made cube steak & he was saying "yuck" way before i started cooking. i let him help tenderize the meat (or "hammer" it as he said) and to my suprise, he changed his mind & ate it pretty well. i should let him help every night to see if that would solve some of our dinner time "yuck" battles!!

Mia said...

Wow, Eli is so much better at making cookies than Nora is. :) That valentine couldn't be any freaking cuter!!!!

Is that an Arizona Sonora Desert Museum Shirt? We were just there on Monday and loved it. Was my favorite place to go as a kid. Hopefully I'll have pictures up soon.

Carrie said...

Good words.