Sunday, June 15, 2008

2008's best week

We just got back from a great week at North Myrtle Beach with my parents, brother and sister-in-law. It was wonderful weather and fabulous quality time with Eli and the family. I am already missing the ocean breeze. I took lots of pictures and am too lazy to write info for each of them so I have broken up the pics by day so that I can describe what we did.

Day One
We all left Saturday from our house in Buford. Family friends (Thanks Scotty and Sharon) let us borrow their deluxe van which was awesome. Last time we rented a mini van and this was so much better with more cargo and people room. I will brag on Eli(you might hear this alot) because he was really patient and great on they way down there. Uncle Burt taught him how to play air guitar and Aunt Christy kept him from getting bored. As soon as we got there, we headed to the beach... Overall, Eli loved the sand and the pool.. the ocean was a different story.
Here are the pics from Day one

Day Two
This was a very hot hot day!!! We went to Wilmington to see the city and take some tours. I will say that my family was very sweet to accommodate this trip because it was basically for me. I wanted to take a studio tour of Screen Gems studio in Wilmington.. they shoot lots of movies but most importantly, they are the sets for the show One Tree Hill and the former Dawson's Creek. For those who know me, know I LOVED Dawson's Creek and am a fan of One Tree Hill but, either way, the tour was really cool... We couldn't take pictures inside but got to walk onto the show sets including, for those who know, Lucas' house, Peyton and Brooke's house and Peyton's office. It was really neat. Afterwards, I asked our tour guide, Kristen if I could take a photo of the Dawson's Creek mural outside.. she agreed and then told us they still had (Dawson's Creek fans will understand) Pacey's Boat 'True Love' there and took us to see it and take pictures.... IT WAS AWESOME!!!! While Mom, Christy and I took the studio tour, the boys toured the USS North Carolina battleship... which they loved. Later, we went downtown and had lunch and walked around. The tour guide also gave me a list of places in Wilmington that were important to the show, including the brick wall Pacey bought for Joey in Season Three!!! The last picture is of a message from Joshua Jackson written on the wall in the city market! Ahhh..... I loved it!
Here are the pics

Day Three
Day three started at 3:30 a.m. when Eli woke us up vomiting... Poor guy. So we took most of the day pretty easy staying inside for most of the morning and venturing out only later in the day. That night we went out to dinner at Broadway at the Beach where Eli and PawPaw rode the carousel.
Here is day Three

Day Four
Eli seemed to be feeling great, so we spent the entire day at the pool and beach. It was a nice day.. Eli loved the pool.
Here is day Four

Day Five
It began familiarly at 3:30 a.m. with Eli vomiting... Again..... Only this time it continued most of the next day also.... We had no idea what was wrong so we just kept him in out of the sun. That night my parents were sweet enough to let Josh and I and Burt and Christy go out to dinner alone and babysit. We ate dinner at the House of Blues and walked around Barefoot Landing. It was nice night. Here is Day Five

Day Six
We figured out that Eli just had a bug but we aggravated the second time by giving him dairy.. so we kept him away from milk and cheese and he was good. Day Six I tried to spend some time videoing instead of pictures so there aren't many during the day. That afternoon though I decided to take some portraits of Eli on the beach. He did so good, although I have great backups(Mammie, Aunt Christy, Uncle Burt) that are willing to make fools out of themselves to get him to smile... That night, after dinner, we went back to Barefoot Landing to get our pictures taken at Preservation Station.
I'll post those pictures later but we got to hold a tiger baby and a monkey. Eli loved it and still says this was his favorite part of the trip. It isn't cheap but if anyone is traveling to Myrtle Beach, I highly recommend it.
Here are Eli's portraits

Day Seven
Our last day before leaving and Burt and Josh, along with Mammie and PawPaw decided to go parasailing... The pictures are pretty far out but you get the idea. I was still trying to take a lot of video but here are the few pics I did take. Day Seven
That night we took our family portraits on the beach. It went very smoothly, believe it or not:)
Here are those pics

And that was our trip!!!
It was a great time! My mom and Dad are awesome for planning it for us! I am already looking forward to next time. Stay tuned for more pics and video.