Monday, October 15, 2007

First Annual Blue Ridge Bash

So... two weeks ago my friend Lauriann, who lives in Arizona, hosted the first, of what will be annual, weekend getaway for her friends.. Lauriann's parents live in Blue Ridge georgia and have recently built a cabin on their property , which is awesome and available for rental....

So 10 adults and 8 kids took over the cabin for the weekend and it was so crazy!!! But it was also alot of fun and I will look forward to the next one over the next year.

So...I really didn't take many photos and after looking at them I realized all I took was pictures of the kids.... Which are always my favorite subjects anyway:) here they are


Lauriann said...

It was pretty crazy with that many kids, huh?! Thank you so much for taking those pictures! I LOVE them. How do I get copies? The ones of the boys at the Pumpkin farm are incredible, too. Is it weird to have a bunch of pictures of your family around my house? They're just so darn perfect I wat to frame them all and put them up everywhere! Thanks again for the BRB pics, too!

AM Ashley said...

Those pictures are so great! I wouldn't expect anything less.... I am sad I couldn't be there, but rest assured the ashleys will be in full effect for 2008 BRB. I can't wait. I am glad you guys had such a great time:)