Friday, April 24, 2009

29 weeks!

This is what I look like now at 29 weeks... I figure I must be alot bigger than I was with Eli because this shirt is the one I wore to the hospital when Eli was born and it wasn't near this tight!!

I did have a doctor's appointment this week with an ultrasound. No pictures this time though.. The girls are so big, it's really even hard to tell what's even on the screen.. I couldn't tell at least. they are right at 3 lbs each and doing really great.

I also had my glucose screening test which came back elevated so now I have to take the 3-hour test so be thinking of me next week and pray this one goes well:)


Mia said...

You go Girl!!! Rock that belly!!

amy said...

dang girl!! that belly is sticking straight out! how in the world are you going to make it 8-11 more weeks?? i'll be praying for your back! LOVE LOVE LOVE it! wish i could give you a massage right now for all the work you are doing growing those babies. hold on... their may be a middle name for Harper coming soon!!!!!!!!!!

JOSHUA ~ give your wife a back massage tonight (it's from me, but my arms are too far away)

Amy said...

You look like I did with one baby, way to go! Hope the glucose test goes well, bring something to read. I had to do the three hour one with Ryan.

Jenny and Kevin said...

Love that belly! You look fantastic! Can't wait to see those beautiful Puckett girls =) Hang in there!