Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Some business to take care of

So, since this is the blog that most of my friends and family visit first, I always like to post my weddings here in addition to my wedding website.

In October, I shot Kelly Anderson's wedding to Rick LaBarbera. It was truly a great experience.

The venue was beautiful in downtown Atlanta. The wedding was held at what most people known as The Abbey, a former restaraunt which is now a church and special events facility.

I decided to hire one of the paper's intern Jenna Findlan to help me and she was awesome!! With her, I had more than 1500 photos to edit through.... which is why I am just now getting done . Kelly & Rick also have a 2-month old daughter Averie, so I got some different portraits of her too!!

The entire night was such a great party! I've never seen so many people on the dance floor.

here is their slideshow

Speaking of work, I am trying to start a portfolio of family portrait sessions to add to my services and am offering a special for some outdoor family portraits for Christmas or just to have. If anyone is interested , email me at


Gram said...

You and Jenna did a great job of capturing the day! It was a beautiful wedding and wonderful pictures to remember it by.

Ginger said...

I know Mindy is interested - I'm going to send her an email! :)

amy said...

WOW! the pics are great! kelly was a beautiful bride!

way to go nik!

Mia said...

wow, Nikki your pictures just keep getting better and better!! Those are really good!

Cathy said...

Nikki, I agree whole heartedly with Mia. I wish you lived alot closer because I would definitely take advantage of your services for family portraits. You are an amazing photographer and I always love to look at your pictures.

Lorraine said...

tBeautiful pictures! I love the one of them both kissing their daughter - I love her expression! I'm glad you found my blog - thanks for reading!

Meredith said...

You have an amazing talent. I enjoy seeing your pictures... I'll definitely keep you in mind whenever we start having kids!

Meredith... old friend of Amy's and Josh's

mimi said...

It truly is a small world... Charles and I used to go to church (Grove Level Baptist) in Dalton with the LaBarbera' his parents were in our sunday school class.