Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Many, Many thanks

Thanks for all the helpful advice.

I really like the idea of toaster or waffle sticks for breakfast... during the week I have to have something I can just give him and leave to get ready... and he has been using a spoon for a couple of months at dinner and last night he seems to really be doing pretty well..

and I am so glad to know other people have the same issues with those bath toys. I think I will just find some other toys. We have one cup in the tub for me to help wash his hair but last night I took MK's advice and gave him 2 more cups and he was fascinated the whole time with pouring water in and out of them... over and over so much he was actually still for me to wash him... it was great... we'll see how long it lasts..

Thanks again

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mk said...

so glad we could help...it's nice to know others struggle with the same issues; and to hear how others deal with them. thanks for sharing with us.