Thursday, May 03, 2007

New wedding photos

This last weekend, I traveled to Charlotte for the wedding of Anne Marie Cotter to Chris Ashley. It was such a fun experience. The Cotters are close friends of mine and I enjoyed seeing all of them plus my best friends from college. Doesn't get any better:)

Anyway, this link is for any family and friends who might look here for Anne Marie and Chris' pics. They are posted on my weddings site at

I would encourage any potential brides to go to that site, but for everyone else, here is a link to their slideshow


Sharon (Grammie) said...

Nikki these are great pictures. With such a beautiful bride how could they be anything else. It really looked like a perfect day.

Gram said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful couple. Great job, Nikki!

Ginger said...

Beautiful photos!!! I SOOOO wish you had been able to shoot my wedding. I LOVE my photos but it would have been so great to have you there and it would have made the photos even more sentimental!
BTW, Mindy wants to try to schedule something with you sometime soon. You still interested in taking some photos of her girls?

Cindy said...

Ok...those are awesome. Do you do anything besides weddings?

Lyric said...

How lucky the we were to have you take pictures at Anne Marie's wedding! You did such a beautiful job! You made us all look so great. Must be a magic camera (at least for David and I--Lyric always photographs well!). I am so glad you are a part of our "family"!