Monday, May 01, 2006

At the Playground

Eli visited his first playground this weekend. He seemed relatively unimpressed but he did like to swing with Josh. We visited friends Stephen and Tamara Wood in Greenville for their daughter, Ella Grace's 2nd birthday party. Unfortunately I forgot my camera (I won't win Mom-of-the-year I guess) so I only got this picture from a friend.


amy said...

awww... that is a sweet picture of sweet baby #2 & his sweet baby! keep the updates coming... it helps me feel like you guys aren't soooo far away!
give my nephew a kiss for me!

mk said...

I was looking at Amy's blog and saw the link to yours. I love this picture with Josh holding Eli. How sweet to see a daddy holding his child in his lap! We have a similar picture of Darrell holding Emma on a swing - she doesn't seem to care for swings either. It's amazing how quickly they change! Keep us updated.