Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Happy 9-months!

Today is Eli's 9-month birthday so I thought I would post something although nothing new is really going on.... I thought this video was funny:)


JP said...

That kid is awesome. Hollywood stunt job watch out.

Gram said...

I do love that baby boy!! He is so expressive when he is crawling.

amy said...

ok... i can hardly stand to see your updates... it makes me miss Eli even more!! trip watched the video with me & said, "why is eli getting that pillow?" i told him i didn't know. then he said, "i miss eli". i was close to tears when i told him that i miss eli, too. can't wait to see all of you guys in october.

nikki said...

Amy, I know... I feel really bad to think about Quinn and Trip, especially since I feel like we saw Trip alot in his first year and since then, it's been downhill:)

We are excited about October but only wish it was longer.. I try to think that there are only 4 more months of the year and we will see you twice so then next year, we will make it a resolution to come see you for a long time:)

Tell Trip and Quinn we love them so much:)

P.S. Eli fell onto the pillow in the video...telll Trip that's why he was 'getting the pillow"

mk said...

He's getting around pretty good - the fun is just beginning.

Anonymous said...


It won't be long before he's making the videos. I just love the technology today. Wish I had short clips of you at this age.

So glad we can keep him a baby (at least in videos) for a long time!!! LOVE THOSE CHEEKS.

Anonymous said...

Grammie said
Nikki I checked Doug's site.

I can't believe how he has captured that beautiful, innocent look in Eli's eyes.

Tell him, he is definitely talented and of course he has the best inspiration of all...my grandson!