Monday, March 24, 2008

Extreme blog catchup

So, I have several things I have been meaning to post but time has gotten away from me so this is the result! three blogs at one time!!

First, since most of this blog is dedicated to the life and times of Eli, I wanted to prove Josh and I actually do get some adult time occasionally;) No need to blush, just a birthday party. In February my friend Ami celebrated her birthday with a wine tasting/housewarming/birthday party at her house. She and her boyfriend Blair just finished some major remodeling after a storm last July destroyed the top floor of their Lake Lanier home and they welcomed all of us to see the finished product. For fun, we all brought a bottle of wine in a paper bag and had a wine tasting where we judged which wine was the best. My friend Christen won with her, believe it or not, $8 bottle of Sutter Home Cabernet. It was loads of fun! Thanks Gram and Grandpap for babysitting.

Here are the rest of the pics


Mia said...

What a fun idea with the wine! Haven't heard of that one before!

Amy said...

You guys look really great!