Monday, July 28, 2008

Beach pictures

So.. long overdue but when we went to Myrtle Beach earlier this month I took some portraits of Daniel and Nora.

Here is Daniel

Here is Nora


Cathy said...

Nikki, Love all those pictures. They are just beautiful. Did you take any of Eli too or Ryan? I would love to have copies and I will be glad to pay for them if you tell me how much. You do such a good job.

Mia said...

Both those kids were not much more than blurs of flesh and sand during the shoots, so I am AMAZED you were able to get those shots! (I can't believe I forgot to take Nora's shoes off!?!?!) :) Thank you!

Amy said...

The pictures are awesome! Even with uncooperative kids you got some amazing shots! Thanks so much for doing that for me.