Friday, September 22, 2006

Fever and a rash

Well, I hadn't posted in a while so I thought I would rant about the reallly boring things going on in our lives.

Apparently, Eli has mastered catching viruses that result in a fever and a rash. Three weeks ago, he had a horrible fever one day that went away later in the day and then the next day broke out with a rash all over his legs.. He had "hand, foot and mouth disease" and was out of daycare for a week.

This week he had another horrible fever that the doctor determined (over the phone, which I think is weird) was Roseola, another virus that would result in a rash. No rash has popped up yet but I am just waiting. He seemed 100% yesterday and today so I don't know if his fever was just a fluke or if he will just be lucky and not have a rash.

Can a baby run a 102 fever when they are teething? I haven't seen any teeth yet, but.....

Overall, minus a couple of runny noses, I feel like these are both very minor sicknesses to what he could catch...ESPECIALLY since he is at daycare. I wanted to post them for all the Moms to read about just to keep us all informed. For any one who doesn't know ( though I am sure most of you Moms know) with both Roseola and HFM disease, there wasn't any treatment or medicine so they just have to get over them and the fever only lasted a day so....

I feel like as a first time Mom I am learning something new every day:) Plus, since my kid is in daycare and will probably catch everything there is to catch, I felt like I should share my knowledge with all the other Moms in our blog circle:)


Cathy said...

Nikki, count yourself lucky those were just minor illnesses. My kids all had roseola and Andrew had that and foot, hand and mouth. At least you and Josh didn't get sick which usually happens with illnesses bugs that kids bring home from daycare and school. Get ready because it will happen soon and nothing is worse than caring for a little one when you are sick yourself. Good luck I know what you are going though.
Cathy Todd
PS I love your site

mk said...

Nikki, we've experienced both illnesses with our children before. Last week Emma had some virus that made sores in her mouth, so I had her home 2 of the 3 days she's normally in preschool. Hang in there, hopefully Eli is strengthening his immune system and he won't catch everything that comes along. Just make sure you and Josh get enough vitamins and rest so you don't catch anything either.

amy said...

we thought trip had roseola a while back (my memory has long since left me, so it could have been 6 months ago or it could have been 15 mths ago... who knows). he had the fever for a couple of days, but never did develop a rash.... guess it wasn't roseola afterall. he gets a fever from time to time even though he isn't in full time daycare (i guess he picks it up at church nursery even though he is usually there just over an hour). hang in there... like mary kay said, it is helping to build his immune system.

Mia said...

Ditto to everything everyone else has said, and I don't know if this helps but I have a few things to add:
1. AIRBORNE! That stuff is awesome, it may not protect against everything, but it can't hurt. That and it doesn't taste too bad and they even have some new flavors! :)
2. Everything I've read says that teething does not cause fevers. Nora just popped 2 up herself and she felt warm to me, but it was just coincidence.

Hang in there and just think of the healthy boy you'll have when this is all done!

Mia said...

Oh, I want to clarify something, I recommended the Airborne for you, not for the little guy... :)

Amy said...

Nikki, Daniel has what I like to call the "Day Care Crud". He always has a runny nose and right now he has a pretty bad cough. But this is supposed to help stenghten their immune system, right?

Cindy said...

It's so hard when your kids and sick and can't tell you what's wrong. And when you have to hold them out of daycare and miss work. This is the hardest part of motherhood, I think.

Ansley had a fever Friday, which I thought was from her MMR shots. However, I am now thinking it is teething. They say teething doesn't cause fevers, but I don't believe it.