Monday, September 25, 2006

The pressure of a name

I thought I would post another picture-less entry. I still can't find my camera:(

Anyway, as most of my friends know, I have a fascination with baby names. Even though, we are very, very, very (is that enough?) far from having another baby, I love to keep up with what people name their children and I found the coolest website. It's called Baby Name Wizard and it links to a blog by the author of the book.

It's a study of names and why some are popular and what will be popular in the next few years, etc.. If anyone else enjoys this, it's really great reading.

Of course, this is a serious scientific study that makes me feel a little guilty that Josh and I just picked a name we liked:)


Mia said...

Nikki, that's really cool, I'm forwarding it on to a friend of mine who's pregnant and going through the name struggle now. Don't feel guilty at all for how you picked Eli's name! It's perfect!

Gram said...

Approximately, how many months is equal to one "very"? ;)

nikki said...

Sorry.. more like years, Gram:)

Gram said...

Sorry for the grammatical error, should have been "...months are equal...". :(

amy said...

the site is interesting, although some of the comments say they think Quinn would be a good girl name. i can't imagine it as a girl's name (for obvious reasons).

i'll have to check back often, b/c though my body may never bore another child, i have always been interested in names.

Cindy said...

That is a really cool website!!!

When are we going to get to see new pics of Eli?