Monday, December 04, 2006

It's about time

I feel horrible that it has taken me this long to post Eli's birthday pics. . I had great intentions on posting one of his pics from the hospital on his birthday morning but he woke up with a 102 fever that day and was sick the entire Thanksgiving weekend so I am just now getting to it.

On Wednesday November 22, 2005 all 9 pound, 6 ounces of Elijah Finley Puckett was born.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving, we had a birthday party at our house. We had so much family there, I felt so blessed and actually teared up when we sang happy birthday. I can't believe my baby is one year old.

Here is Eli's Itsy Bitsy Spider cake, that I am proud to say, I made myself. (Eli had his own cupcake to eat)

The classic cake-in-the-face

Here is Eli with all his toys(including a tricycle from The Scoggins:)


mia said...

Good Job on the cake, Nikki! I can't believe he's one year old already! I guess we're going to be there soon enough also. I love that you posted newborn pics also, what a difference a year makes!

mk said...

Nikki, I'm so sorry you had to deal with a sick baby over the holiday; I hope he's doing OK now. The pictures look great - and the cake looks yummy!!

Gram said...

It is hard to believe they change as much as they do the first year. He was definitely the birthday prince of the party. I am glad he is feeling better.

amy said...

King Eli! YEA!! I wish we could have been there for his birthday. I hope he likes the tricycle. I wanted to get him something he could grow into. I figured he be taking corners on 2 wheels before you know it! Give him a big squeeze for me & tell him his Aunt Amy LOVES him SOOOOOO much!

Ami said...

Wow, it seems like we just spent all night in the waiting room anticipating little Eli's birth! He is precious. Thanks for inviting us to the party, we had fun. :)

Cindy said...

Kids always seem to be sick on their birthdays! I don't know why that happens. I've started hibernating before any big event, just to keep the germs away from our house.

The fun has just begun with Eli. I absolutely LOVE the stage of 1-2 years of age when they begin learning and exploring. Have fun and enjoy it, it does go quick!!