Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Weekend in North Carolina

This last weekend we took a tript to North Carolina to visit Josh's parents and we had a great time. On Sunday night we went on a tour of the Biltmore House in Asheville. I was a little stressed on how Eli would do through the tour but he was great. I was very proud.. Here are a few picks from the weekend.

One of Ei's tricks when you ask him to show you his toungue:)

Here we are outside the Biltmore. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let you takes pictures inside and strangely the front of the house isn't lit up after dark.

Eli rides around the driveway with Grandpap

We also go to see Josh's baby cousin Gwen for the first time. She is 3 months old and slept through our whole visit:)


amy said...

i'm glad you guys had fun in N.C. i have never been to the Biltmore. the picture of Gwen is cute... i haven't seen any of her since right after she was born.

Amy H. said...

Love the picture of Eli looking out the window, it is adorable. And you guys look great in your family picture.