Thursday, January 17, 2008

Georgia's version of a snowstorm

For all the bloggers in more northern parts of the country, I know this isn't anything, but for us here in the Atlanta area.... this is our first official snow!!!!

Last night when it starting accumulating we took Eli out to see it, just in case it was gone by morning... and honetly, he wasn't impressed. I think he was too cold. Even this morning., he just wanted to see it from the window... But of course here are the few pics.

The view down our street

Across the street


Gram said...

I am sure Eli will love snow in another year or so. He and his dad will be snowboarding before long.

Mia said...

Wow, I'm jealous. We have had a sheet of ice in front of our house for over a month now. I am SO OVER WINTER! :)

amy said...

YEA for snow! we got a dusting last night, but not enough to play in. quinn's not really a big fan. he just kind of walks around while trip & i play!

Lorraine said...

I was all excited to get home so I could take Sage (our puppy) out to play. The flakes were huge and just so pretty. She was not at all impressed either. And I was not impressed by the muddy paw prints she tracked in afterwards.

Lauriann said...

Its amazing how we get more excited about some things than our kids will. He probably responded to the snow like we did before we had kids--"this is kindova pain". Hilarious! Neat to have snow, though!