Monday, June 08, 2009

A changing point in my life....

I now own a minivan.

The biggest news from the weekend was our "shopping" trip to the dealership that turned into a rather large purchase. We knew we were going to buy one in the next year so I had been researching my options and narrowed it down to two types of vans. We planned to buy maybe this fall or even next February.... That of course changed when my plan to fit all three car seats in the back of my Matrix backfired. They all fit but it looked ridiculous and like a safety hazard.

On Saturday when Josh and Burt installed them, I took one look and tears came to my eyes.... no way could I let my children ride around in that... so off we went to test drive and.... voila.. came home in alot more debt:)

But, I love the van. It was just what I wanted and I feel so much better about the years to come with our family.

Here are the pics:

The 2006 Toyota Sienna: the color is called magnesium but it's more like metallic navy

Here is Josh installing my car seats into the van. My "nesting" instinct is insisting everything be done immediately:)

My sister-in-law was gracious enough to buy us the second carseat. She really wanted them to match but we didn't want to have to buy two new carseats and Graco doesn't make Eli's anymore so she joined with my mom who, believe it or not, handmade two matching car seat covers for the girls... Don't they look great:)


Gram said...

First minvan, then soccer mom!!

Amy said...

Love the van!

amy said...

HA!HA!HA! Love it! You guys definitely needed it! As much as I still hate the 'idea' of driving a van, it is so convenient! and traveling is a dream with all that space!

what is the car seat configuration? will Eli be on one end and the girls beside him or will you put him in the middle?

the car seat covers are adorable! way to go Mamie!

Rhonda said...

Nikki, you look positively beaming! If there is anything more endearing than a pregnant woman, it's got to be a picture of a pregnant woman sitting in her new mini-van!